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PROTEIN CONCENTRATE (Poultry by-product meal)

A Protein Concentrate for all Poultry/Fish Species

Protein Concentrate of Poultry origin is one of the most important sources of animal protein for animal diets. It is made by combining the by-products of poultry slaughter house and Poultry processing plants, that slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic Laws. This Process Protein is the rendered of the clean parts of the carcass of slaughtered poultry, such as meat, viscera (Provided their content is removed), feet, head, neck with the vertebral column, exclusive of feathers and skin. It is a palatable and high quality feed ingredient due to its good amino acids profile. It’s using possibilities and interesting features distinguishing the products:

Ø High protein content
Ø High fat content
Ø Flavor enhancer
Ø High part of water soluble protein
Ø Brilliant protein digestibility
Ø Very good extrusion, Pelleting and binding capacity
Ø Increase feed acceptance of all fishes, shrimps, poultry and cattle

Specifications: Protein Concentrate


Moisture5% max

Crude Protein55% min

Fat15% min

Crude Fiber0.5%

Ash14% max

Metabolic Energy3600 Kcal/Kg


Phosphorous(P)1.3% (Min)


Digestibility of Crude protein90% (Min)

(Pepsin Digestion at 0.2%)


High content of stick and binding matters with low ash content
Hygroscopic, high part of water soluble protein
ColorLight brown
OdorFresh, typical – free of rancid smell.
Particle size: 1.5-2.0 mm

Amino Acids Profile:



Vitamin A2990 IU/Kg
Vitamin D3950 IU/Kg
Vitamin E2.4 mg/Kg


The product is Salmonella, E. coli and Clostridium perfringens free as the raw material has been rendered at a temperature of minimum 1350 C moist heat, at 3 Bar pressure for 3 hours.
Stabilization: Antioxidant added in sufficient quantity.
Keeping Stability: At least 9 months from the production date.

Quality Certificate:

1- This product is free from any adulteration with any types of Antibiotics.
2- Nitrofurans (Furazolidon) and Chloramphenical test carried out by HPLC Fluorescence detector and result was undetectable.
3- This product is free from heavy metal and only the Chromium level is 0.05% by AAS (graphite furnace) method.
4- Malachite green is also undetectable by LCMSMS Method.
5- Radioactive C137 and C135 level is below 50 BQ/KG.